Advanced DataSystems Ltd. (ADS) was incorporated in 1976 as one of the earliest software development companies in Saskatchewan and Western Canada.  For founders  Dallas Howe and Paul Riome, their vision and confidence in the future thrust them onto the ground floor of what was to become a burgeoning information technology industry. With mainframe computing experience in some of the earliest manufacturing and hospital systems, both recognized that microcomputer technology had developed to the point that medium to large organizations could make a business case for implementing it to streamline complex and high volume manual financial processes.

ADS, using its prairie ingenuity and resourcefulness, was successful in winning the business and then assembling expertise, sourcing computer hardware and enabling technology, and in writing the software for numerous successful projects in leading businesses and professional organizations in the local Saskatchewan market.

Custom software in those early days focussed primarily on financial and manufacturing applications but soon spread to other administrative applications.


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