Custom Software Development


… the template for successful software development

Discovery of Requirements
We work closely with our clients to gain an in-depth understanding of their business model and workflow. This understanding allows us to identify and empathize with our clients' challenges. This step also gives both ADS and our clients the same understanding of the scope of the project.

Functional Specifications
These are the 'blueprints' that show mock-ups of the reports that will be produced by the software, and the data entry screens that will be used by the operators. The software functionality will be clear to both ADS and our client, and users will feel comfortable with the ease-of-use and intuitive-navigation to be developed.

Our senior software architects design the database structure, and select the right development and reporting tools to ensure we build a stable and scalable solution, based on the technologies best suited for the project.  The software development is completed by our team of Programmer/Analysts according to the ‘blueprints’ authorized by the client.  Our Quality Assurance Analysts have extensive experience with business practices and user interactions - their target is to deliver the highest standard of quality. After the software has passed our rigorous quality controls, the client's team provides additional user acceptance testing.  Both ADS and our client are comfortable that the software performs as expected.

Our deployment specialists will work with your IT staff to deploy the newly developed software/database on your IT infrastructure.  Application documentation, coupled with user training will ensure your organization is comfortable with utilizing the new software in your work environment.

Once the final solution has been deployed to the live environment, ADS can provide technical support for the knowledge transfer that matches the client's needs. Short term support contracts often consist of training and mentoring programs which help facilitate the transition of technical support from the ADS team over to the client's team.  Alternatively, we can structure a long term technical support arrangement for ADS professionals to support your users, software, and technical infrastructure.


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