ADS is proud of how we differentiate ourselves as a professional software company:

Relationships Business ADS and its people recognize the value of a long-term customer relationship and in everything we do we strive to deliver value to our customers for their investment in our services.

Experience and Business Integrity Shows through in Conversation … We often say that if we can sit down with a prospective customer for a conversation with our senior people, chances are good that we will do business together.   You benefit from what ADS has learned in literally 100’s of developments in various industries across Canada.

Entrepreneurial Style As we have grown we have made every effort to develop and maintain a team approach, eliminating bureaucracy and employing group information sharing, input and problem solving.  We all recognize that we have an interest in a satisfied customer, in repeat business and in new business gained from great reference accounts.

Core Competency: Software Development for Business We entered the information technology business by developing the first farm equipment manufacturing software in the mid-1970’s and we have maintained that development focus throughout our history. Our processes, refined over hundreds of projects, ensure attention to detail, efficient decision making, quality documentation,  efficient communications among ADS’s project resources and your organization, and quality assurance through rigorous testing.

Emphasis on Meaningful Reporting ...  Many of our projects originate from a common concern: “I can’t get the information I need to manage my business!” . We are skilled in working with senior levels of the organization to define needs and then follow through with the design and desired presentation to allow you to analyze the data your staff has collected.

User Support for the Life of Your System … In addition to being an early developer of software, we were also one of the first organizations in North America to establish a Help Centre staffed with software support professionals dedicated to resolving software and user issues.  Our customers value our commitment to this aspect of the  software business and our corporate longevity lends credence to our commitment to support the software and your users, over the lifetime of your system.

Success in Evaluating New Technology and Trends ...  We have thrived through numerous eras of technology and have always offered only what we consider as proven technology which we anticipate will provide value to our customers .   Whether its today’s tablet, cloud or mobile computing, ADS is constantly evaluating technology solutions and their potential benefit.

Not Afraid of a Challenge  Normally you wouldn’t expect a prairie-based company to be asked to take on an Information Technology consulting project for an Atlantic fisheries organization would you? It has happened!  ADS’s experience and reputation has resulted in numerous projects where prospective clients have called us for our expertise and success in delivering practical solutions.

Flexibility …  Our clients range from organizations with no IT Department to  full-fledged IT Departments handling a multitude of projects across multiple sites, computer platforms and vendors.   ADS will work cooperatively with any organization to employ the skill sets that are beneficial to the customer’s end goals.


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