Thanks to our Clients for our first 45 years!

Many of you have achieved similar milestones—You know that this doesn’t just happen!

The original vision of our founders who recognized the benefits to business of the earliest microcomputers in the mid-1970’s, established strong business practices and fostered a corporate culture of self-sufficiency and a client-first attitude. This has ensured our success over a 45-year rollercoaster-ride of technology advancement.

The scores of valued clients who have shared our vision and trusted us to deliver the benefits they expected from their investment in technology.

The ADS team members who have, most importantly, listened to our clients and combined their technology and business acumen to develop, deliver, implement and provide ongoing support for innovative, practical systems - - all with our clients’ objectives at the forefront.

“Reps”. We maybe haven’t seen it all, but as a 45-year company we have come across a multitude of situations in business and are pretty adept at isolating key issues, recognizing potential pitfalls and offering solid recommendations based on our experience. At the same time, we have never forgotten that no one knows their own industry, their own businesses and their own staff like our clients do.

Continually keeping an eye to the future. Our daily challenge is to monitor closely what is coming down the pipe and harness new technology to offer our clients. R & D in software and technology platforms is key to our success and tech is a big part of our personal lives.

We are pleased to have had a part in your organization’s journey.

As always, we thank you for your business and look forward to working with you to achieve continued growth in the future.








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