ADS45 Years!
Thanks to our Clients for our first 45 years!

Many of you have achieved similar milestones—You know that this doesn’t just happen!

The original vision of our founders who recognized the benefits to business of the earliest microcomputers in the mid-1970’s, established strong business practices and fostered a corporate culture of self-sufficiency and a client-first attitude. This has ensured our success over a 45-year rollercoaster-ride of technology advancement.

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It's what we do.

Custom software, mobile apps and cloud-based solutions for your business.

It's who we are.

Advanced DataSystems is a Saskatoon based software and mobile development firm that has been creating customized business solutions since 1976 (yes, 1976!). We offer full service software development, native and web-based mobile development, business analysis and enterprise integration. We’ve developed hundreds of customized applications to solve real-world problems for businesses of all sizes.

Creative Team

We are a unique mix of individuals with decades of business and software engineering experience, industry-leading expertise in the newest platform technologies, and the ability to listen to and communicate effectively with clients.

Training Team

More than just describing functions and features, our training team combines teaching with consultation in the areas of policy, workflow, and reporting, as requested. Making sure you get the most out of your software investment is our aim.

Support Team

The person on the line in our Saskatoon-based Help Centre knows who you are. We are quick to understand and resolve your issue or assign it to the right in-house software specialist. Solving problems and eliminating interruptions to your business are top priority.















It's our process.

Our pragmatic and proven process is key to understanding and documenting our clients' workflows, issues, and reporting needs—before we start programming.


We use and recommend proven, industry-standard software platforms, languages, and techniques.


We are committed to software development for the long term and devoted to lasting client relationships.


Our entrepreneurial history helps us work with both business and government sectors who appreciate urgency and value for money.


We can close the gap between what is provided by commercial off-the-shelf software and what is required to manage very specific and unique needs.



We Specialize in...

  • Integrating our software with existing software in place at your site, including leading financial/accounting packages
  • Providing installation and training based on your needs and the in-house resources available to you
  • Supporting you with priority access to our in-house software development team
  • Serving a variety of industries and fields: Service, Government, Indigenous Organizations, Agricultural, Environmental, Resources, Distribution, Property Management, and others with unique needs.AIS
  • AIS Software - our own line of First Nations program delivery products.













Let's get started.

How do we get started? Call or email us and we'll ask questions to get an overview of how we can help. Then we’ll arrange a meeting to discuss your specific needs. From there our processes will determine next steps.





Find us Here...

Advanced DataSystems Ltd.
206 - 2121 Airport Drive
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